What is the passion?

What is the passion?

Sometimes people use word “passion” to replace “hobby”. Of course, a hobby is part of passion but for me, passion is something more. Passion is not only thing what we like to do in free time or give us pleasure but it`s part of our life. It`s something that gives satisfaction and relaxation at the same time. Passion also let us break away from negative things and toxic people. It`s also chance to meet great people in life who want to share a passion with us. If passion is a real part of us and we know how to think creatively it can to give very often great business! Because if you love what you do it does not work but pleasure.

Do we need passion in our life?

Of course, we do! And I will defend that claim. Why? Because life without any passion, interesting things, education and develop our character would be empty. It`s like live with day after day with a huge amount on an account but without any sense why we are on earth. Without goals, it doesn’t make sense. Yes, we can drive from A to B but ” to be happy” that we got to point B but important is all trip, that adventure during travel. From that travel, we know what is important and what we want in life.

What passion gives to us?

  1. Creative thinking – when you put yourself in your passion then you will want to use everything that can to make you closer to your goals and reason for your passion. If you are that lucky and you can to do all thing what is connecting with your love (no matter if it`s swimming in cold sea in winter or mountain climbings) then your creativity will develop like crazy. The best part of that is that creativity you can put in many other parts of life – work, private life, solutions of problems, meetings with new people etc.
  2. Resourcefulness / Organization solutions – it`s connecting with creativity and fining of solutions. Because of resourcefulness, we will can to find a missing puzzle in our “game in life”. We will find ways what will better fit for our personality, behavior or situations what we are.It`s also will help to get our goals in a healthy way and sort our priorities.
  3. Balance – yes, balance! Our hobbies and passions help us to break away from problems but also to find a solution for that. It`s like with the situation when we try to figure out a good solution for the big problem…the best what we can to do in that it’s going to sleep. When we sleep our brain takes relax but also is looking for the best option. So when we are all in our passion we can also find the best solution during for example play in tennis or sew handmade bags. But we cannot also forget that passion cannot be our “all life”…sometimes we need to real life, meetings, family etc.
  4. The priority – it`s skill develops when passion gets into our life. We get to know how to manage our life, work, meetings with friends. We get to know what is important and how to create our lives for parts.
  5. Involvement – it is based on every passion. Without involvement, our passion doesn`t have any sense “to be”. Imagine your passion (traveling) and that you love those couple hours or when you started then you want to back to home…it`s more whim than passion. Good thing is that “involvement” we practice in passion and we can also put that on other sides our life work or friendship.
  6. Crossing, or rather abolishing limits – yes because a huge part of limits is in our minds! I hear about pressure…what is that? Something like that doesn’t exist in real life. Only you can put pressure on yourself no one else. Of course, it`s not an easy start to think in that way but if you will try then you will feel real freedom. Then you will feel that you do things for yourself, not for somebody else.




By Monika Bienias – Łocheńska




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