Masha is an artist who explores feminism, sexual liberation and different medium through her artwork. After receiving a Bachelor in marketing and communication, she has decided to take a creative turn and now writes for several platforms, while building her artistic portfolio. Her interests include shooting film, writing poetry and taking care of homeless cats. She believes that hard work, a great sense of humour and female empowerment will lead on the path to success (red lipstick helps). Passionate for travel she has lived in Canada, England and is currently residing in Milan, Italy.
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Melissa Fino is a defiant high school dropout who went on to receive her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Southern California. Melissa applies her life experience with unexpected challenges and numerous insecurities to empower women to let go of the negative in their lives and embrace the positive. Currently, she is the CEO of LoveYourLife Community, a conscious life change coach for women, writer, blogger and speaker.  Melissa resides in San Diego, California but frequents the East Coast to return to her childhood hometown and Portugal to spend quality time with her mother. Loveyourlifecommunity, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.








Cherie Rickard is a Nationally recognized Author, Motivational Speaker, Grief and Empowerment Coach. She is a Medical Professional, a successful business owner, a patient advocate and more importantly a mother with a messages of hope & inspiration. She encourages women to find their voice and purpose in life so that they can use life’s setbacks, challenges and tragedies to rebuild their own lives. CherieRickard.com Empowerment is BeautyInstagram.









Monika Bienias – Łocheńska, was born on Friday, March 13, 1987 in Blachownia, lives in Czestochowa/Poland in the intervals between journeys. She graduated from Management at Częstochowa University of Technology. She founded her first company when she was in the middle of study in the University. Her favorite sentence is: ‘’You will not see until you try’’ – it is a base of her actions. It is a woman who loves challenges and is looking for new activities and opportunities. For several years, she has traveled Europe and the United States. Since last year has run a blog, supports women in developing their skills and she designs for independent women who want to express their personality through fashion. Women loved her bags with original designs. Recently, her involvement has been appreciated by magazine ‘’Sukces Jest Kobietą’’ (Success is a Woman) in Poland. She also runs several projects to stimulate energy and creativity – two of them: writer of articles to ‘’Zupełnie Inny Świat‘’ polish cultural development foundation and cooperation with Fashion Revolution in Poland for developing knowledge about responsible fashion. This creative woman in her free time likes to relax with a good green tea and a book. Also, she loves cooking Mexican and Italian specialties with husband and friends and learns Spanish and French. LinkedIn, InstagramTwitter, Facebook.



Charlotte Roseanne lives in South Africa, is mixed-race and of Indian and Portuguese descent.  She works in business development and client relationships at one of the largest audit and advisory consultancies in the world. Charlotte graduated Honors Cum Laude in Psychology and currently manages leadership development workshops for c-suite executives that culminate in actionable plans towards their personal strategy. She is passionate about sharing knowledge, training and setting up others for success. Charlotte speaks three languages including French. Her interests are reading novels, writing poetry, taking drama classes, interior decorating and creating mosaics. To relax, Charlotte spends time at boutique cafés and enjoys being in nature – picnics at the botanical gardens, bonfires by the lake, walks on the beach and litchi picking at the litchi orchard.







Christine Falco works at a mid-sized law firm in New York City representing corporate and individual clients in a broad range of real estate transactions, including the acquisition, sale, financing, and leasing of both commercial and residential properties throughout New York. Born and raised in New York City, Christine obtained her B.A. from St. John’s University and her J.D. from St. John’s University School of Law. She has strong ties to her community, actively volunteers, and is constantly seeking opportunities to better herself and those around her.  Christine is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences in an effort to set others on a path to success. LinkedIn Instagram