Pleasure Your Way To Success

Courtney is on a mission to help women unleash their power and potential in the world, and she believes it starts with one important step – helping women reconnect to and reclaim the power of their vagina

You might be wondering, “What could my sexuality really have to do with my business?”

Her answer is: Everything! 

Sexuality, and your vagina, is at the core of who you are – and if you aren’t deeply connected to this part of yourself, you are operating at a deficit as a woman.

In our culture, women are (often unknowingly) hugely dissociated from their vagina – for many reasons including shame around our feminine bodily processes, female sexual suppression and prescriptions, and the fact that no one teaches us the true power of our pussy.

Unbeknownst to most people, there are neurochemical responses that are strongly affected by your connection to your vagina and your pleasure, and these responses directly influence your motivation and confidence in life.

In essence, reclaiming your relationship with your vagina is not only an act of rebellion, but it reconnects you to your creative life force, intuition, confidence, fulfillment, and true potential!

Q&A with Courtney:

What is The Empowered Woman about?

The Empowered Woman is the business I have created to awaken women to their true power and potential in life. My primary focus is doing this through the lens of sexuality, because I believe that sexuality is a magnifying glass for other areas in our life.

The most powerful place for women to begin is by delving into their relationship with their vagina. Therefore, my most recent and important creation thus far is the 4-Week Online Course I’ve developed for women called Viva La Vagina.

What do women learn in your course, Viva La Vagina?

Viva La Vagina is an online course for women to awaken profound pleasure, power, and fulfillment by deeply connecting with their vagina. There are four modules of the course where I take women through a process of clearing limiting and shameful beliefs around their sexuality, physically healing and awakening the vagina, an in-depth guide to pleasure and orgasms, and holistic practices to support vaginal health and strength.

This course benefits women with a variety of sexual histories – whether they are coming from a place in which they feel sexually disempowered, or they are coming from a place of sexual confidence and yet want to uncover more of their true potential.

What inspired you to start a business in this industry?

For years I had a sense of the transformative power of sexuality, and I felt that there was so much more to explore in terms of what my pleasure and sexual expression could show me about myself. Over time this grew into my greatest passion and fascination, and I’ve continued to experience new levels of self-understanding and the unleashing of my authentic self by going deep into my own sexual depths.

In uncovering more of myself through sexuality-focused work, I’ve felt naturally compelled to step into this role and purpose of reconnecting other women to their inner power.

There is a clear lack of empowering education for women around their body and sexuality, and I want to convey the importance of this to women in terms of how their sexual relationship with themselves impacts their entire life.

Tell us about a time when a customer disliked your work.

I often receive feedback from others that my style and message is not welcoming or “safe” enough, and that it will make people uncomfortable. While I want my message to be accessible and welcoming, I now also acknowledge that my authentic expression is quite bold and sometimes blunt – and I’m okay with that.

I’m here to authentically embody and demonstrate that what I’m talking about is okay, and it’s necessary. For me, to play down my message or language feels like a contradiction of the work I’m here to do.

As entrepreneurs, we each need to trust that in being authentic we will attract the right following who genuinely resonate with our message. If we become too concerned with tailoring our message for everyone, we can lose the potency of what we’re sharing and also lose the attention of those who do resonate with our style. 

If you had one piece of advice to those just starting a business, what would it be?

Focus on deeply knowing yourself – what inspires you, what are your gifts, what do you feel called to share with the world? 

Through this self-understanding, you can create an offering that is truly unique, authentic, and therefore also exciting to pursue. You can then seek out the guidance of mentors and develop a clear awareness around which forms of advice resonate with you, and which do not.

The more your offering comes from a place of self-understanding and self-connection, the more longevity it will have.

One of the fastest ways to establish this self-connection is through your relationship with your vagina. When you tap into the power of your pussy and your sexual energy, you will begin experiencing a form of intuition and inner knowing that is unexplainable until you feel it. But ultimately, this intuition will become the strongest guiding force in your life.


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