Entrepreneur and Marketeer Imasha from Digi Geeks

Tell us a little about yourself ? 

My name is Imasha, 35 years old, born and raised in Sri Lanka. Moved to the UK at the age of 19 and started work almost immediately for an airline. I was very confused at the beginning of my career, wasn’t sure what my calling was. Even though I was working for an airline, I decided to do a law degree which now sits in my parent’s house in a frame! 

When did you realise what your calling was and what gave birth to Digi Geeks? 

Well, I was happy working for someone else for a long time and I felt like I was on top of the world until I started getting older and realising that even though I was now older and wiser, I was still doing the same role and getting treated the same way as I was when I joined the company. I starting feeling stagnant, bored and under utilised. I was craving to think out of the box, create, initiate and accomplish. With all the confusion I was going through, one thing was clear to me, I loved building brands!! I have always paid attention to how a new brand launches itself in the market and how existing brands keep recreating themselves. My day job also required me to watch other similar brands closely and this grew my interest and now with everything being online, I put my frustration, passion and demand together and set up Digi Geeks – Building / Marketing brands online!

Digi Geeks, a digital marketing agency that does things differently. I always put myself in the customers shoes why does one need a certain product? What do I or my friends look for when we buy certain things? What makes us tick? Is it the emotional calling, hard sell, cheap price or just the need for the product? Does a celebrity attract one to a product or does raising money for charity attract them? Where does one look online when they want a particular product? Is it on the official pages of the brand or on review sites?  

A digital marketing plan is formulated for our clients after extensive research to suit the goals they would like to achieve, followed up with monthly reports to ensure the set goals are achieved. We offer a range of services, please take a quick look at our website  www.digi-geeks.com 

Tell us what inspires you, motivates you? 

My Family! My mother was a single parent most of her life, now she has wonderful husband, my brother and I have a wonderful step dad. My mother is the strongest yet the most kindest woman I have ever met. She taught me that life is a challenge so be strong yet be warm, kind, loving, help others, do right by others a lot of which is missing in the world today! 

I am the person I am today because of her, without her teaching me that balance, I would have ended up being either too strong or too weak. Making my mother, my brother, my dad proud is my biggest motivation and letting them down is my biggest fear!

 What would you say is your greatest achievement? 

Its still in the making! I want to be able to run or be a part of an organisation that helps distressed females.  A very personal , one to one service for females going through any difficult situation. It could be that all they need is a friend, someone to talk to, to have a coffee with, discuss important decisions with or it could be as serious as someone suffering from some form of abuse, needs a place to live, medical help etc. We all have a mechanism of putting on a brave front even though we are completely lost inside, I want to be build a platform that allows these inner emotions to be dealt with. I want to be able to lessen their burden in some way, bring back a smile , ensure they are emotionally stable and then put plans in place for whatever that needs to be done.

I am in talks with a very established church and I feel a path paving. When I have made someone else smile , that’s my greatest achievement right there! 

Where do you see Digi Geeks in 5 years

Successful! It’s still a young company and we have extensive plans in place that we have to work on endlessly and we will, to ensure we are one of the best digital marketing agencies around.


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