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How to Leave a Lasting Impression

Most entrepreneurs and businesspeople expect to find themselves at networking and industry events at least a few times per calendar year, if not per month. But far too many promising conversations turn into one-sided pitches punctuated with a business card….

World’s Most Powerful Female Entrepreneurs

Who are the world’s most powerful female entrepreneurs? And what did they found and own? Get to see why Beyonce Knowles and Gisele Bundchen.  These 10 women built their own business from tech giants to fashion designers!

3 Ways to Lead Like a Woman and Win

Reminders of the ongoing battle for women who wish to achieve remarkable career success make me wonder why more women aren’t doing exactly that. According to author and Barnard College president Debora Spar, women today account for only 15.2 percent…

This Ritual Will Absolutely Set You Up For Success Every Day

  Questions ”That Make You Successful,” which (based on the shares and comments) has helped a lot of people. Those questions are refined into a daily two-minute program that creates lasting happiness and success

Emma Watson: ‘The View Feminism “Man Hating” Has To Stop’

Emma Watson delivered an inspiring speech about feminism at the United Nations Headquarters in New York yesterday, saying there is a need for more feminists in society and called on men to advocate gender equality. In her speech, Watsen described…

Powerful Words To Get People’s Attention Immediately

Words to get people’s attention. We all want what we want, but it’s always difficult to figure out how to get it. The right words help you express the function of your product or service with flair. They add color…