17 Daily Habits To Become A More Successful Woman


If you start with this today it can help you live a better life!

1. Choose at least one sport as a hobby.
Choose one sport at least, otherwise the lazy, sedentary lifestyle you had in your college will continue! We don’t want that right? It will do all the awful things to your body. Doing an excercise everyday is not only to look good on the outside but we all know it’s to have a healthy body as well. If you have a job office this habit is important to have. Otherwise your office job will kill you.

2. Write down the highlights of what you have done for the day.
This may be hard, especilly to do it everyday. But once you make it a routine it becomes a habit. When you do this you can look back at your day to see how you spent your day. It will help you to become way more productive.. If you once see (how little or how much) you do on one day.

3. Talk at least to 1 stranger every single day.
Yes days pass by so quickly, and when you look back at your days you realize that you could have met more people. So it’s still not too late to this and make this one of your habits. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people, meet new friends and even get new idea.. And who knows it’s someone who can help you get where you want to be. Like starting a business together or much more.

4. Listen more, listen well.
How many times do you try to remember what someone once told you? Right.. It’s something that can be learned. Listen very well. It’s not only pleasent for the person who is telling you something, but for you as well. We all know that people love to talk about themselves. Let them talk. But listen well and listen more instead of thinking what you want to say next.

5. Waste less time.
Honestly we all waste time. Some times we waste our time more than other times. Life is composed of days, days of hours, hours of minutes. And you only get so many in a lifetime.

6. Find happiness in the process/journey to your way of accomplishing your dreams.
Nothing will go perfect. While you try to accomplish your dreams, don’t forget to enjoy and find happiness in the journey. A

7. Build strong friendships, and be kind to people.
You don’t know this, but you are really more like your friends than you think.

8. Have different kind of experiences.
The more life experiences you have, the more creative your ideas and the better you can relate to people.

9. Don’t spend all your money, save it.
Best way to save money is to put a little bit away with each paycheck before you start to pay bills. And do it automatically so you don’t miss it.

10. Have older friends too.
Older friends: They’ve been there, done that, and have lived to tell you the tale.

11. Start meditating.
It’s something you can’t do after doing it 1 time. Meditating is like a brain sport. It trains your brain to be able to deal with the madness of each day.

12. Learn to work with shame and doubt.
Everybody experiences these emotions, as sociologist Brené Brown has evidenced, but few people learn how to healthfully cope with them.

13. Go outside.
Live life more outside. It’s easy to stay indoors all the time. So go outside! What are we doing inside? We are inside all the time anyway. Cognitive psychologists have shown that a little “wilderness bathing” can be a tool against depression and burnout.

14. Get to know people who are different from you.
When you see someone’s different. You automatically tend to keep a distance, because you both think you can’t get along. But you have to know more people who are different from you. If you are a quiet one, make friends with a noisy one. If you are a country girl, make friends with a city girl. Why? Because one of the many reasons, is that we make better decisions in bigger diverse groups.

15. Date everything.
Whether you’re connecting with a person, taking notes during a meeting, or stuffing takeout into the fridge, knowing the date of when something happened is useful in ways you can’t predict.

16. Read novels.
Reading stories will help you understand other people’s experience of life.

17. Set minimum goals.
Read 15 pages a day, do 20 pushups, floss your teeth every night. This way you can break gigantic projects into day-sized tasks.



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